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Spotlight - Adam Odendaal

Name: Adam Odendaal 


Age:    21 


Family recognition/background:

My parents are my two biggest supporters. Dad played cricket for Maties and Cambridge back in the day but I chose to play a man's sport. 


Current position: 8th man


Favourite position: 8th man 

Least favourite: Linesman 


Favourite Club player:

Shaun " The Flying Warthog " Garbers and Justin Van Winkel. 



Wynberg Boys High School 


Clubs played for:

UCT & False Bay 


Highest honours:

One or two second team caps for False Bay last year , played 3rds and U20's for UCT and False Bay. 


Other interests outside of rugby:

Definitely not Boogies for 1. 


Favourite music:

Folk, Rock, EDM.


Favourite Movie:

The Dark Knight, Anchorman or Zoolander. 


Favourite Food:

Southern-Style Chilli-popper burger or Breyani. 


Inspirational people:

Desmond Tutu, Richie McCaw, and My folks. 


Rugby philosophy:

Attitude is everything/ Don't pass to Arrow. 


Life philosophy:

Control the controllables. 


What do you like about the Bay?

The camaraderie and the gees really stand out. It runs from the senior members of the club through to the U20's, and everyone is made to feel welcome, which I haven't experienced elsewhere. 


Rugby goals:

To finish this season unbeaten with the 3rds would be awesome. 


What attracted you to the Bay and what keeps you here?

A lot of Wynberg Boys came here to play U20's in 2013. What keeps me here is the gees, the fines and the quality people at the Bay. 


Best Bay rugby moment?

Winning the u20 B-league in 2013 and beating Vics and UCT away from home this year were pretty special. 

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