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Thanks to Second XV Team Manager, Meagan Claasen for this brief and interesting report on their very close match against Victorians on Saturday.


Kicking off in 40 degree heat, the Victorians and False Bay Second XVs locked horns. Due to the extreme heat of the day, the referees had decided to play 20 minute quarters in order to replenish all fluids during the ghastly heat.


Despite the heat which would have made most teams hide in the shade, both teams came out onto the field wanting to win and an entertaining seesaw battle ensued.


Unfortunately the Bay’s defence was not as strong as the week before against SK Walmers and we ended up leaking tries. The final score was 32-34 and making this pill just a little more bitter than normal was that there appeared to be four minutes trimmed off the full playing time. All games, as decreed by the Union, have to start on time and the Seconds match was trimmed a little to ensure that the next match started timeously. Who knows what would have happened if only we had had just a minute or two more. Drop, penalty, runaway try. Oh well, not to be.


At the end of the day it resulted in a close match for the entire 70 minutes of play.


Both teams were tired and dehydrated, constantly bringing in subs/replacements to aid in a constant flow of fresh legs.


This was the Second XV's first loss in 26 outings. Last year they set a remarkable record in not only being unbeaten in the league but posting a full house of 90 league points out of 90.


We had one injury, Simon Askew with a rolled ankle. Nothing serious however and he should be back to playing games and at practice from Tuesday onwards. This did pull him out of the game from about minute 30 onwards.


Tries False Bay: Kenny Afrika, Tyronne Bloor, Gary Topkin, Vincent Kayster, Meryck Ward and Russell Steyn. We converted one.



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