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Spotlight - Richard Smith

Name:     Richard Smith



Smitty, Smithers


Age:        36


Education (School, Tertiary):

Rondebosch Boys High School matriculated 1997, University of Stellenbosch – Biokinetics Honours degree


Rugby or sporting background:

Played all sports through my primary and high school years, but specialized in cricket and rugby at Bosch.

Also dabbled as a football player in the expat football leagues when overseas in Taiwan & Hong Kong for a few years. In rugby, played in a ‘heat’ Bosch 1st team side in 1997 ( 6th in the country)

Selected for WP age group elite squads and the u/17 team in 1997.

Made the final trials for WP u/19 & u21 in 1999, 2001

Clubs played for and coached at:

Played for various Maties sides 1998-2001, highest Honours Victorians

Played for van der Stel Rugby club  in 2001 – when they were in Super A

Finished off my career playing some Nadoes rugby – UCT internal league

Coached the u/20s & sevens rugby team at Villagers in 2014/15

Coaching at Bishops for 9 years now


Position played or role if never played:

Every position in the backline, but was a specialist centre (13)


Rugby philosophy:

Out work them, out think them, out skill them… the result and enjoyment will take care of itself.


Life philosophy:

The same as my golfing philosophy - Grip it and rip it!


Rugby highlight as a player:

Beating SWD u/21  and EP u/21 playing for Maties u/19 on our Mid-Season Break tour in one week.


Rugby highlight in your role:

Every time I watch a player develop a skill then execute it successfully under pressure – that’s why we coach


Favourite Club Player:

Two in Fact  

Sheldon Chen Son – don’t breed them much harder

Jody Reyneke – don’t breed them much bigger


Favourite Coach:

Alex Ferguson


Family background / make up (if you want to share this):

I have a loving and very forgiving wife Nina, and two crazy kids Lara and Seb


How do you chill?

Like to watch and play sport, mostly golf and touch rugby. I like to gym & keep fit when I have the time.


What are your aspirations for the Bay?

Be part of and try to contribute to a successful legacy that is developing


What is it about the Bay that inspires you?

The players inspire me in how hard they practice and play. Some of these guys are ‘sic’ in the head!


Who at False Bay inspires you?

All the coaches and managers who have been there before – they set the bar high.


What do you do to relax or what are your interests outside of rugby?

Love playing & watching sport. Love the English Premier League football. Love playing golf with my mates and Dad.

Love traveling and unwinding with the family in my favourite holiday destination Kenton!

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