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Farewell & Welcome

Monday 13 January sees the start of the much anticipated 2014 season as all teams turn out for the first pre-season practice.


There have been some exciting changes to the coaching and management structure, which augers well for the season.


Firstly we bid farewell to some. Kevin Musikanth’s departure to the exciting challenge up the road has been well documented.


Deryck Allen has decided that being past 60 is enough reason to relegate himself to the sidelines and enters a deserved retirement from Team Management.


We welcome Meagan Claasen as the new Second XV Team Manager. Meagan has been Rhodes University First XV Team Manager for the last three seasons and brings a wealth of experience and a new dynamic to the role.


Warren Berry will be Assistant First XV coach, forming a formidable combination with Lee Muller in this all-important role. Warren is energetic and his enthusiasm is already known to many through his participation at the post-season training sessions last year.

The iconic Ricky Jacobs has taken a one-year sabbatical, no not to laze around and shout at the ref, but rather to further his studies in the medical field with his employers in Pretoria. Ricky has been with False Bay for at least 20 years and we wish him good luck and look forward to his return.


Mike Delbridge, former FIFOs regular and qualified biokineticist, joins the medical squad and will assist Team Physio, Martin Sarembock in keeping the lads on the field.


Garth Turvey, a accomplished past player will assist Ryan van Niekerk with the Second XV.  Garth has coached club rugby in the UK and bolsters an already formidable coaching and management team.


False Bay legend Brendon Fogarty has finally realised that there are only 24 hours in a day, that advancing age and his busy work schedule need to be respected and has entered club rugby retirement. Brendon became involved at False Bay RFC in 2003 and his passion, intelligence and natural inter-personal skills has benefitted the club and its many members and players since then. Foggers coached the First XV, won Division One and was a force to be reckoned with in the SLB. He transferred those skills to the Under 21s and has touched many young rugby players lives during his sojourn in this all-important sector. He will be most certainly missed.


Brendon is more than happy and confident to hand over the reins to another Bay stalwart, Frans “Bossie” Boshoff. Bossie was an on-field genius and has since his retirement in 2005, been an integral part of the Bay coaching structures, from First XV to the Under 21s. He played a major role in last year’s triumphant Under 21 league winning campaign.


Philip Kriel, well-known to so many for his rugby coaching at Wynberg and Reddam, joins Bossie and False Bay is truly blessed by the return of this rugby icon.


We extend a warm False Bay welcome to new roleplayers and bid a sad farewell to those departing. Remember, False Bay RFC is like Hotel California: you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave.

The Coaching and Management Structure for 2014 is:


1st Team Head Coach

Jono vd Walt



1st Team Forward Coach

Chris Hewetson



1st Team ass + Tech Analysis

Ryan Williams



1st team manager

Lee Muller



1st team Ass Manager

Warren Berry



2nd Team Head Coach

Ryan van Niekerk



2nd Team Ass Coach

Garth Turvey



2nd team manager




Medic / Bio


Mike Delbridge





Martin Sarembock


3rd Team Head Coach

Pieter Benade



3rd Team Manager

Tony Wilson Harris



4th Team Coach

Marc Douglass



4th Team Manager

Andy Norris



5th Team Coach


Wayne James


5th Team Manager















U20A Head  Coach

Frans Boshoff



U20 Ass Coach


Philip Kriel


U20A Manager


Ian Morris


U20B Coach


Ephraim Cornelissen


U20B Manager


Hugo Botha




Pete Leibrandt




Pieter Benade


Academy Manager

Shamela Jacobs



Player Registration

Kelly Burger






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