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Crocks organiser, Pete Leibbrandt sent us this short match report. His disappointment at his team's loss is palpable. He seemed to overlook mentioning the opposition, Infantry Training College Catterick. We forgive you Pete, you're a 100%er and as always deliver an entertaining report.




Many a Crocks eyebrows was raised upon arrival at The Bay to see what seemed like a Super rugby team warming up on the A field.


A squad of British infantry officers averaging around 25 years in age and sporting tight fitting jersey's with flat tum's to match were warming up and had been from way before most of the Crocks left their homes to get down to Constantia.


Nevertheless our average age of 44 year old team was more than up for it as is always the case with Bay's Galloping Grandpa's and less then an hour later the game began with the home team receiving the kick.


It was from this very moment our powerful , heavy and somewhat more experienced forwards to control of the game.


The first 20 minutes went by without score after which we scored the first try awarded to Mario " The Machine" Kloppers assisted by Bossie. Unfortunately Bossie could not manage the conversion , due to what I understand is his recent fondness for Pinna Colada's.


As the game progressed the visitors managed to concede a number of penalties, a few of which resulted in line out's in our favour.


Sadly Bossie left one of his kicking boots at home and finding touch became a "not".  Bossie did receive a free beer at the fines ceremony albeit a quick one downed to the wails of "He's a drunkard through an....."


Anyway to cut an already long story short our forwards played a hell of a game and our back were bored.  


ITC Catterick won 12 -5 through two tries and one conversion and the Crocks have their fitness (or lack thereof) to blame.


Tony Read received a red card which was then reduced to a yellow card and 10 minutes in the sin bin which was then reduced to 7 minutes, proof that refs are negotiable.


Proceedings after the showers then moved to The Bay where a great day of fun and camaraderie was enjoyed.


A great game , a great day , Thanks to all who played , donated , managed and supported.

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