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Spotlight - Mike Punt

Name:    Mike Punt



"Feeler Gauge" ( in reference to the height he managed to jump as a lock. As in "all you could get under his feet was a feeler guage"-Ed). 


Age:      57


Education:   WBHS


Rugby or sporting background:

Started at False Bay U20's in 1977 and travelled a bit with work ending back at the Bay playing my last match in 2013.


Clubs played for:

False Bay RFC,  Crusaders RFC PE, Wanderers, Glenwood Old Boys.


Position played: 

 Lock & prop (I'm an 8th man trapped in a prop's body)


Rugby philosophy: 

It's  not about you but rather the team and your club. The rewards that count in life come from those two.


Life philosophy:

 Pay it forward wherever you can.


Rugby highlight as a player:

Sharing the playing field in matches with my sons Shane and Bryan at the Bay


Rugby highlight in your role:

Too many to single out one but watching the development of the new Bay generations as they grow  from boys to men continue to be highlights for me.


Favourite Club Player:

Too tough to call having played with so many talented people both on and off the field.


Favourite Coach:

For fun - Mike Cann, for knowledge - Basil Bey; for motivation Terry McGee. 


How do you chill?

Hiking on Cape Town mountains and Golf.


What are your aspirations for the Bay?

That elusive SLA Trophy is high on that list.


What is it about the Bay that inspires you?

The sense of being a part of something much bigger in life.


Who at False Bay inspires you?

 Louis De Waal. What a role he has played. His contribution can never be fully comprehended through all the tough times especially.


What do you do to relax or what are your interests outside of rugby?

Golf has become a new opportunity to be in a competitive environment once more especially with these 2 new knees. 


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