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Spotlight - Greg Armstrong

Name:   Greg Armstrong


Greggles, Toby


Age:  27


Family background/ recognition: 
Proud Rondebosch Old Boy. 3rd sibling out of 4. Dad was a keen hockey and cricket player. Mother was an accomplished netball player. So no help from them at scrum time...




Favourite position: 
Loosehead prop. Spent my whole life in this position, but learning tighthead one scrum at a time. 


Least favourite: 

I've never played there but I would imagine scrum half would be my least favorite position. Too much pressure getting to every ruck.


Favourite Club Rugby Player :

Favourite club rugby player would be Chris Baister from the FIFOs. Truly majestic how he handles a buffalo. Otherwise my favorite club rugby player would be the other 21 Okes in green and red on any given game day. 


Rondebosch Boys


Clubs played for:

False Bay (2009- present) 


Highest honours:

One 1st team cap (preseason) would be the pinnacle of my rugby career. 


Other interests outside of rugby:

Other interests include home brewing, traversing the fairways, traveling, brandy. 


Favourite music:



Favourite movie:

Dark Knight Trilogy, anything with Will Ferrell in it.


Favourite food:

I'm not a picky eater by no means, but Thai food definitely gets my heart racing. 


Inspirational people:

My parents for sure. Owning and running a business is never easy and I am thankful for the lessons that they have taught me. 


Rugby philosophy: 

My rugby philosophy would be to hit more rucks, carry more ball and increase my work rate (you know, the easy stuff).


Life philosophy:

My philosophy in life would be if a new challenge is facing you that you may think is daunting and insurmountable, then just start it. I am always so surprised how it turns out after making that first step. 


Rugby goals:

My rugby goals are to cement a spot in the second team at False Bay and to play consistently good solid rugby. 


What do you like about False Bay? 

False Bay is the only club I have represented. The way that each player welcomes new members to the club is something special. The comaraderie of the players in each team with each other shows the gees that is at the club. From the gees every Friday night lights to the club days every Saturday. It truly is something special and we are very privileged to be a part of it. 


Why the Bay?

After my year at u20 level I joined a great team set up called the FIFOs. I have had many great seasons with them that included back to back reserve league trophies. We used to take heavy beatings from the likes of UCT, Durbel and Helderberg teams to crushing through the league with a massive FIFO attitude to every opponent we came across. 


Best Bay rugby moment?

Looking forward to the rest of the season with you chaps. 


General comments:


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