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Spotlight - Graham Garbers

Name: Graham Garbers



Used to be “Chunky” but nowadays “Garbs” (thank heavens!)



60 in the shade but not out - still batting!!      


Education (School, Tertiary): 

Wynberg Boys High School, UCT.


Rugby or sporting background:

My father played rugby which is where my interest started. As a family we have always been interested in sport and my brother and three nephews all play/played for False Bay.


Clubs played for:

Villagers under 20 (he admits sheepishly!) and False Bay forever thereafter.


Position played or role if never played:

Flank and Hooker but in False Bay old crocks anywhere that they will have me!


Rugby philosophy:

You give 100% every time for your club and team mates.


Life philosophy:

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Work hard and play hard.


Rugby highlight as a player:

Running on to Newlands for the False Bay 1st team. Being blessed to still be able to put on boots and play for the False Bay old crocks (when they will have me that is!)


Rugby highlight in your role:

Seeing the club enjoying the success it so richly deserves and realising that the “gees” today is just as it was in 1977 when I first joined the club. This is special with a capital “S” and is attributable to all club members past and present – a very special bunch of people!!


Favourite Club Player:

Any player in no matter what team as long as he plays for the jersey and at False Bay there are noticeably many.


Favourite Coach:

There are a few worth mentioning but I will mention one and that is Bill Van Zyl who gave me my “break” in the 2nd team many years ago now!


Family background / make up (if you want to share this):

I am married to Jan and we have twin daughters so I rely on nephews to keep up the rugby playing tradition.


How do you chill?

Listening to and playing music with the odd (only odd of course!) glass of red wine in attendance. Also chilling with mates at False Bay is special.


What are your aspirations for the Bay?

I truly believe that years of hard ground work by many is starting to bear fruit and we have the potential to sustainably be the best rugby club in the country. My aspiration is that we are able to influence a number of younger members to make themselves available for election to key committee roles in the not too distant future. It is this that will give us sustainability. 


What is it about the Bay that inspires you?

That “gees” that is tangible and that is and has always been there. Also getting to interact with the people that one meets at the Bay, both members and others is wonderful.


Who at False Bay inspires you?

All who understand and accept the concept that no one individual is more important than False Bay. Also all those individuals who give of themselves so freely in the interests of False Bay – and there are many.


What do you do to relax or what are your interests outside of rugby?

I enjoy spending time at the Clanwilliam dam water skiing or just chilling.


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