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Spotlight - Dasch Barber

Name:  Dasch Christian Barber



No real need for 1 – Dasch is pretty awesome :-)


Age: 28


Family background/ recognition:

Family is from all over my Mom being Namibian and my Dad being British. Grew up in Cape Town, I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. I am the oldest in my family. I was schooled at Bishops(Diocesan College) and started playing rugby there at the age of 9, rather begrudgingly as my first love at that stage was soccer.



Hooker/Loosehead prop

Favourite position:

Scrumhalf(my preferred and personally my best position)


Least favourite:

Don’t really have 1 of these. But I don’t think I have the aerial capabilities for Lock  :-)

Favourite Club Rugby Player:

Graham ‘Snoopy’ Knoop



Bishops(Diocesan College)

Clubs played for:

Corinthians Rugby Club in Ireland, False Bay


Highest honours:

WP Grant Khomo week u16;  False Bay 1st XV 2012 and 2015


Favourite music:

Avril Lavigne( Yes, she gets me)

Favourite Movie:

Shawshank Redemption/Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Favourite Food:

Could I get another page J Sushi and Pizza are up there

Inspirational people:

Brendan Fogarty, Nelson Mandela, Graham Knoop and John Smit

Rugby philosophy:

Always look for the space, avoid contact as much as you can and Let the Boys play!

Life philosophy:

Go and Grab every opportunity, You are given 1 life, live it to its fullest, Love like no other, laugh harder than any other and make every experience a learning experience


Rugby goals:

To carry on loving the game as much as I do, play with mates, enjoy my time out on the field and create life long memories


What do you like about False Bay?

There is a huge sense of family. False Bay must be one of the most multi-cultured clubs potentially in the world, and it seems to bring everyone together. The ethos and what the club stands for are of paramount importance and the entire club seems to buy in and understand these principles. Truly no man like a False Bay club man


Why the Bay?

Fogs(my step dad) was coaching the 1s at the time and I had been watching them climb the SL ladders for a number of years and thought this could be a great club to play for. It just looked like a fantastic vibe


What attracted you to the Bay and what keeps you here?

As Previously stated the vibe, now it is more like a home than anything else, would not think of moving clubs. Once a Bay man always aBay man



Best Bay rugby moment?

Very fortunate to have many of these, but I think beating Varsity(at home last year) but in particular scrumming them over for a penalty try. No better feeling for a front rower.


General comments:

If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy your rugby, create memories and become part of a family, not just a rugby club, then False Bay really is the place. I could not think of any better place to spend a Tuesday Thursday and Saturday thrashing it out at the Bay with your mates with a couple of Cold ones (Sparkling waters) afterwards

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