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Spotlight - Danie Roux

Name:                  Danie Roux


Nickname:          Disco/ Dballs


Age:    26



 wing, center


Favourite position:

I do not have such a thing as favourite  or least favourite  as long as I can play the game you can put me where you want. 


Favourite Club Rugby Player:

I would have to say Danie Roux



THS Drostdy 


Clubs played for:

Rawsonville , Ceres RFC, False Bay, Maties  


Highest honours:

Vodacom Cup WP


Favourite music:

I am happy with any music


Favourite Movie:



Favourite Food:

Steak and avo salad


Inspirational people:

Brian O Driscoll, Dan Carter, Sylvester Stallone, Dwane Johnson    


Rugby philosophy:

Do all that you can do to succeed, and all that you do will be enough!!


Life philosophy:

Never never never never , I repeat never QUIT"""""


Rugby goals:

to play Currie cup and win Gold Cup


What do you like about False Bay?

What is there not to like, bud I would say the people..They way they treat each other!!!


Why the Bay?

The Bay for me has sort of become my second family, there is a lot that I would do for this club...and I know they will walk the extra mile for their players and staff as well.


What attracted you to the Bay and what keeps you here?

Well I would say my coaches, friends and fellow players is what keeps me at the Bay. 


Best Bay rugby moment?

Flip, every moment at the Bay for me feels like  a special moment. I think since  I have been here there must have only been 4 practices that I probably did not enjoy. All the moments you have with this place are a life changing experience!!


General comments:

What  a club and not even club only place, team, family to be a part of!!! Awsome. 


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