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Spotlight - Chase Coombs

Name - Chase Coombs


Age - 31


Education (School, Tertiary) – Talfelberg High School


Rugby or sporting background - Rugby,hockey 


Clubs played for - Hamilton's Rfc


Position played or role if never played – Prop , Flank


Rugby philosophy - No pain no gain


Life philosophy - When life gets tough just put one foot in front of another and don't look back


Rugby highlight as a player - Scoring a wining try 


Rugby highlight in your role - Bouncing the other teams players


How do you chill? - Watching rugby and a beer



What is it about the Bay that inspires you? - The vibe of the Bay


What do you do to relax or what are your interests outside of rugby? - I enjoy shooting, fishing and parachuting


Which club do you enjoy playing against and why? - Hamilton's because because I like to smash them


What is your Dream Sports event, one you would most like to attend? - Rugby World Cup



Your favourite rugby moment? - Winning the tournament


Your most embarrassing rugby memory? - Having my shorts ripped off in a tackle


Who is your funniest team mate? - Shep



Describe yourself in three words - Tough,funny and dedicated 


Training: love it or Hate it? - Love it

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