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Pre-Season Fixtures and Events

The longstanding MARK JORDAAN TROPHY has been re-instated to a pre-season fixture and set this year for Saturday 8 March. It had recently been included in the League, with the Award of the Trophy to the winning team, but with the new Super 15 League format there will only be one league fixture between the 2 Southern Suburbs SLA Clubs in 2014. This opened the way for re-instatement as a pre-season fixture, where it rightly belongs. The  VENUE is yet to be confirmed and depends on where the League fixture is to be scheduled (i.e. if league is at UCT this will be a Home fixture). Either way it is a welcome return to tradition and heralds a future of healthy relationship between our two clubs.
The Cape Town tens and The Craft Beer Festival will prove great events again, no doubt. Mark them down.

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