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Crocks Host French Club



Friday night saw the False Bay Crocks host Louis Pibalous RFC from the Basque Region of France.
It was a wonderfully warm evening or fun, competition and camaraderie, rounded off with the visitors entertaining their hosts with traditional songs. Pays  Basque folks are renowned for their love of song and their rendition of ‘nKosi Sikheleli was beautiful.
The Pibalous Crocks gather twice a week, once to play touch rugby and the other to sing. What gees.
A ‘minute’s silence” was observed before the match in honour of the recent Paris Attacks. A particularly poignant moment made even more impactful through the extension of that silence to The Bay, where the band and patrons joined in. It allowed non-rugby folk a moment of sharing in the culture of this unique sport of rugby.
Peter Leibbrandt gave us his view of the match from the wing.
The French arrived in full force last night, a bus load of the froggy buggers (non-PC Pete). After many a hand shake , howzit and bonjour they could not wait to get kitted  and onto the field.
The match kicked off at 7:45 p.m. and the beginning of 3 feisty 20 minute chukkas began!
Young Bossie managed to score a very quick and early try leading us to believe that this would possibly be a yawn-yawn encounter where we might need to slow things down so as not to break the French spirit. Not so!
They replied with a try of their own and from there on it was up and down the park with scores remaining within 1 try difference at any given time.
Memorable moments included Bossie passing the ball out to myself on the wing....3 TIMES! So I caught the first two passes , but by the 3rd pass I was in complete and utter shock that I dropped the ball  ( backwards Mr Ref ). It was at this stage of the game where Bossie felt I may be more suited to spectate!
The second chukka saw a bracing run from new comer Jono van Ass , with the exciting Jonny ( not so Bravo anymore ) Seiff running in support. A beautifully timed pass from Jono to Jonny on his inside would have resulted in a sure try , however , it seemed Jonny Seiff has now become " Jonny the Juggler " and for his non try was awarded a free quick beer as our official %$$& of the match!
Thanks Jonny for making my drop look not half as bad.
As always , the power punching Zak-a-Tac Scheepers made his presence known and left more than a few French bruises in his wake winning him our man of the match. I'm not sure if this award means too much considering his opposition man of the match was 112 years old!
There were a couple of phenominal moments when forwards JJ Muller  , Seiff and others began swinging the ball around causing total confusion amoungst the backs who suddenly had the urge to scrum. There is nothing quite as ugly as a forward back liner , but nevertheless they made it look good this one time , but'll never be me!
A huge thanks to Tony Read for the umpteen blind side hospital passes to me! It's good to feel the ball for a change , but..........
I need to thank a few people.......wait did I forget to mention Mike Kros' performance? Yes I did.
As I was saying thanks to Steve Clapp who reffed a great game bar the one bad call on me. Thanks to Steve Hannsen and Paul Bevan for lighting the fire and leaving 125 pieces of boerie for us to braai. It was braaied to perfection by the honourable Mike Raw and Zak Scheepers.
Well done to Larry the Lounge Lizard Coe , who spent most of the game on the park and also to Doc Jones for his 27th come back! 
Thanks to my manager Judy and Cynthia Stiles for elegantly serving our hungry guests and team mates.
Thanks to the False Bay Crocs for doing the Bay proud by playing in a wonderful spirit ( most of the time in Jonny the Jugglers case ) I think the line" Punch you back to Paris" went over their heads anyhow's.
So before a ramble on to much ( too late ) final score , 30-30!


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