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By Pete Leibrandt

So CT10's number 8 is behind us and yet another dazzling jersey is added to the collection.


Flying the Bay flag has become more and more difficult for the Crocks as the level of competition in the Veteran's division increases year upon year.


We feel it is time for a Masters section where more fun on the field could be had and this is to be addressed with the organizers.


So now you have our excuse for losing 4 out of five games.


Nevertheless we still had a fun filled weekend (as always) with minimal injuries other than Steve Hanssen apparently hurting his elbow, whilst Johnathan Manuel pulled a groin muscle ( reportedly in the massage room ).


Notwithstanding the thumpings we took at the hands of OLA Ice, Silverbacks, Hamilton's and Sea Robbers , we beat the All American ( and some South Africans)Texas Young Guns, as did everyone else in our pool (don't reduce the value of your only win Pete, Ed). This game did however  afford the writer his first CT10's try ever coming off a wonderful pass (which  he caught) from Jonno Manuel and subsequently unhitched the caravan ( as Bossie so elequently put it ).


The following day saw a silky try with some fancy foot work from Jonno Manuel against the Sea Robbers, leaving no doubt as to how valuable wings really are.


Somewhere along the way Bossie scored a couple and Steve Hanssen tripped one over the line too.


The week end ended festively on Saturday evening at Johnny Sieff's 50th bash at his "Champaigne and Caviar Dreams" Home which dare I say is no longer the latter.


I will never take the Crocks anywhere classy again. Long before the sun set Mike Kros and Zak Scheepers found themselves swimming fully clothed (Thank heavens all chorus) and Mike Raw expertly managed to empty a glass of red wine all over and behind the white louvres.


Enough about that!


Man of the tournament was Brad Moore with Jonno Manuel and Pete Leibbrandt winning players of the day awards respectively.


Nine Awards were handed out for training attendance and Johnny Sieff received a collective gift from the Lads and their partners. 


Brad Moore promised to propose to Tracey within the next 15 years and Mike Raw promised to stop drinking in 3016!


All's well that ends well (Clive Schlachter still has his face after yet another campaign).


All in all it was a weekend of teambuilding to remember and will do much to ignite the Crocks in the season to come!


Another hearty thanks to our sponsors who's logo's are attached below.











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