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We invited you to share your story of Mark with us. If you have not yet, it is not too late. Please forward your special story to 


Been reading all the messages on Facebook today and taking stock of the influence that Mark Seaward had on people's lives!If ever someone understood what rugby was about, it was this guy!


From making sure Bay newbies socialized, to making sure they were at training, to making them feel involved in a sometimes intimidating environment.He was a great rugby man who got it and more importantly a great mate!


I have been thinking about you all day and miss you my friend! Although far away, I will be half halving my way through the evening...


UTB - Damien Kellerman


I will never ever forget the year I joined False Bay 10yrs or so ago...


U20 youngster new to club rugby and the Bay culture.Mark being the friendly welcoming guy he was invited me to a Thursday lunch at the Tavern with Bossie,Alan Morris & Co.


Haha, well we didn't eat lunch until dark, I never made rugby practice that night and my bike ended up in the back of his Bakkie.


RIP Cward gone but never forgotten


#UTB Brendon Shields


Similar story - also some 10 years ago ... 3rds end of season penalties, with Bob Fabre, Warren Woolley, Brent Lyall, Oli Dawson, Damien Kellerman, David Campbell, etc etc (those that were there know what i'm talking about) - I'm sure every single Bay player has a similar story.


RIP C-Ward!!


Sam Christian


I know we all know Mark as the funny, loud HALF HALF guy shouting Killer at the end of the bar and that certainly has provided for many anecdotes and fun times.


For me, he was also the guy who when it counted, took the time to check in if you were okay and extend his hand to help out.


Thanks for loads of wonderful memories SeaWARD!!!


Sandra Snowball


I watched the opening game of the World Cup 1995 with Mark at False Bay and we hugged and kissed and drank plenty after the victory.


From that day on we looked at each other and always remembered that awesome day.


From then on we were friends forever even though we did not see each other all the time, but when we did see each other there always was a hug and a pat on the back about that particularly day when we become friends for life.


I will always remember that amazing smile of his!


God bless


You'll never walk alone my friend


Nasher aka Darren Nash.


I was exposed to Mark in a way that showed all facets of his spirit and integrity as a person and I suppose it is relative to the experiences you would normally be associated with when there is rugby and its surrounding factors involved.


I may not have been a close friend of Mark’s(in his circle) but I had the pleasure to witness his energy and zest in and around the rugby club.


There was always an infectious smile on the man’s face and he was an obvious club man who was competitive, loved rugby and life itself.


My friendship with Mark took a nasty turn when I attracted his unenviable wrath on a particular occasion and The Man let me know in no uncertain terms. This resulted in a minor incident with big words after a long day in the FBRC pub.


The next morning I received a call from Mark before I had the opportunity to chew on the previous evening’s events and he was profusely apologetic for his conduct.


I was there and trust me Mark did not need to take responsibility. The effort, humility and spirit by which Mark lived were displayed in a 24 hour period that attracted my attention and respect, something I in turn would never forget and would start aspiring too.


The effort to trace my number and to set the record straight was something that I was probably not going to do but Marks character code was better than mine, something which illustrated the essence of this remarkable man.


There is no doubt that Mark was X-factor material and the memory of him will drive and motivate me to aspire to that higher character code that we all loved in Mark. I have no doubt that Mark has taught something to every family member and friend, and I sense that everyone who knew him wants to aspire to that Character Code that we recognised in Mark.


Mark, Thank You for the lessons I’m teaching my kids. I remember you with respect and I celebrate the life that you lived here and the one where you are now at. Your new place is richer with your presence and one where you will no doubt be eternally smiling.


Brad Moore


I met Mark @ The Tavern ‘n Ale….. I was a young Barman.It was always a privilege to serve him and the Bay boys! ….


I’d always see him later at Pirates ….


And then the “Half Half” Started!


All I can say is we were not close friends but he was a legend!


Glad I had the good fortune to see him at Newlands for the 20 /20’s a few weeks ago!


Till we meet again!


Gary Dollman


Mark Seaward was THE reason I fell in love with False Bay RFC and enjoyed playing there so much.


He was in the twilight of his playing career when I was there, but he still managed a few games, including for the 1st team.


He also lent his vast knowledge and love of the game by helping to coach the 3rds, so I got to know him as a teammate, coach and all round club man.


If ever you want an example of how to conduct yourself on and off the pitch, Mark was it.


He would make sure every new player was made to feel part of the 'family'. He also made sure that you gave it everything you had over the 80 minutes on the pitch and then made sure you gave it everything in the bar afterwards!


He was always central to the social side of life at False Bay and pulled everyone together with ease and was one of the main reasons the gees at the club was top notch. He'll be sorely missed by everyone who knew him.


Richard Wilcock (Played at FBRFC from 2002-2004)


I can't believe we will never meet again in this life.


So many stories that I can remember and so many more that I can't but others do. I'm so glad that you had time for me and others (can finally call you my little sidekick)!


Going to miss you, my China.



Capt. Chaos

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